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The magic herbal tea

PURE kashayam 250 gr
This magic herbal tea will give you natural energy, well balancing and increase organism defences.
[ PRICE 18.70 EUR/ 250 gr ]
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added on request to any product order
[ Price : FREE ] Limited offer : ONE sample per order, thanks!

When you will receive your Kashayam, add about a spoon to boiling milk. After boiling, keep the vessel closed for 2-3 minutes. Filter the liquid into a glass. Add sugar, if you like sugar with your usual tea. This is how we normally prepare our tea in India. If you have a different method, kindly try that method also with our compound.

The concept of herbal tea is derived from a sort of soup (Kashayam) which is generally given to just-delivered mothers. This wonder liquid is believed to :

  1. make good the lost bodily fluids
  2. correct the "tridoshas"
  3. protect the mother and the breast-fed child from vagaries of cold, caught & fever
  4. one particular compound which we have added for the sake of getting the color of tea is a bark from an Ayurvedic tea. It has proven capabilities to reduce blood cholesterol and act as a deterrent to heart ailment.
  5. Has it any adverse effects ?
    Absolutely none.
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